Friday, October 1

New pictures and knit out

I had a ton of fun at our first knit out. There were a lot more people than I had expected to show up. I think that we should definitely do "First Friday's" again. Of course, I didn't get too much knitting done as I kept yapping on and on too much with friends.

I put up some new pictures. I wish that the color was better than it really it. I really like knitting the Fluted Banister socks. They are turning out much nicer than I had expected. I think that these are going to end up as a present for Amy's aunt Caren. But, who knows.
I have also come up with a couple of new ideas for Christmas presents for Amy's and my grandparents. I am going to knit them a set of felted placemats and coasters. I know that Amy's G and G will be a lot easier to pick the colors for as they live in Oklahoma and are totally into the southwest motif. ( This brings me to a rant...I hate hate hate Southwestern Motifs. Howling coyotes with bandanas? Yep, I definitely see that every day! Oh and Native American women with tribal garb holding a swaddled baby on their back?!?!?! It is sooooo stereotypical! aaarrggghhh!)
Anyways, back to the original topic. I figured that I could do that for the Grandparents and then for all my aunts and uncles I was thinking about doing a set of felted coasters for them. Not too sure what all their house designs are so I was going to play it safe and make them in Christmas colors. Less yarn to buy, too!
I have also been wanting this book for one stinkin' pattern. The Poof bag. Well, last night I knit Amy a hat and it turned out rather pumpkin like when it is sitting there. I think that I am going to knit this pattern on bigger needles with wool, add some yarn overs to thread an I-cord in it and voila, I have the pattern I wanted!
Well, I need to get some sleep.


Jack said...

Becky -

I love the new site - it really looks great. I can teach you basic HTML any time - I don't know a ton but I can at least get around the template and make any changes.

The hat looks great! I can't wait to see the purse you make out of the pattern.

- Brooke

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

Anonymous said...