Tuesday, October 5

Blogger is making me mad...

I don't know if it is blogger's site or if it my computer (although,it is a relatively new computer with a lot of processing) but I can't seem to post anything and it takes forever for me to update my template.
I finished the gusset on the satchel last night. I am starting on the body of it. My goal is to get the knitting part of the satchel done by the 10th. Don't know if that will happen or not but I am really going to try. I am going to knit some leg warmers for my neice for her birthday party. She is going to be 12 and is going to have and 80's party. Her mom is super excited about it. My sister was my dressing maven when I was younger.
Most of my memories of my childhood are of my middle sister and I dressing up in Kim's clothes and then, of course, getting into trouble. My favorite memory of these times is when we got into Kim's white face makeup. My sister was one of the "MOD's" in high school. She used to wear fishnets, long john's, long skirts, and oversized tops. Think the Cure not Madonna. So, she used to have this white clown make-up, (I still remember that it was from an Avon Halloween kit!!!) that she would put on to make herself even paler. She is a redhead, how much lighter can you get? Well, one day my sister Amy, her friend Summer and I decided that we were going to play "China Dolls" and we slathered ourselves with the white face paint, made bed sheet Kimono's and then found some of my mom's 60's music to dance to. We had just gotten the dance down when Kim came home. We were so busted. I think that we were grounded for a month!
I have my interview today and I am getting nervous. I hope that Martha's hair turns out okay. It is a "practical" interview so I have to do a hair cut and a hightlight/weave on her.
I will post more about this later on.


Jack said...

Becky -

I don't know why you're having so much trouble, but one thing I do is always compose in word and then copy to blogger. I don't know if this makes it faster or just protects me from losing everything I've written.

Good luck today - I can't wait to hear how it goes!

- Brooke

Creative Genius? said...

Becky - could it be your graphics that say the % of the project done? If you are pulling them from the woman's server - that may be why ....

Also - good luck today - I'll be pulling for you... and what's the worst that happens - her hair gets messed up and you get a really good laugh out of it... ok - I have a sick sense of humor - but I really am pulling for you! Let us know how it goes!