Friday, October 15

FO and what's up next

I finished my Satchel last night. I wish that I had a digi to show it but only have the scanner and because it is just as big as the scanner ya gotta wait. I am not too sure how much I like it. It is kind of big and just lays there. I know that I need to put card board in the bottom to support it before I add the lining but I am not too sure about the sides. It also took me a while to find out what I wanted to do for the closures on it, but I decided to get some D-rings and I knit up some I-cord last night to hold it closed. I was going to try to explain the closure I decided to do but it just sounded weird no matter how I worded it. So, you will all just have to wait and see the finished product.

I ripped out Liz's scarf last night. I messed up on it horribly. (See Wednesday's Post) I was just going to leave it and then realized that I shouldn't because I hate it when people have obvious mistakes in their work and leave it. (more about that later) So, I after ripping it out, I planted myself in front of the T.V. watched Law & Order ( I am a total junky...I will switch back and forth between L&O SVU and regular L&O) and re knit the scarf. I have about 6 - 9 inches left to knit. I wanted to knit more but my pinkie started cramping. I have short tendons in my pinkies and they don't go straight or curve up very well so after knitting for a while my hands start to cramp.

I need to get yarn for my sister's gloves and I think that I am going to do a matching scarf for her too. So, I can go to Jessica Knits today or I can go to Cotton Field's quilt and knit tomorrow. I think that I will probably hold out for Cotton Field's as haven't been there before and I am going that way anyways for my niece's party. I still haven't decided what yarn I am going to get I just know that it will be hot pink.

I am also on a path to self improvement. I have read that if you write down things that bother you they will seem trivial and unimportant. There is a new link on my side bar that is all my pet peeves. Or as a dear friend says "My Petty Peeves". I am letting you know in advance... There is a whole lot of them.... Have a happy knitting day...

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