Tuesday, October 5

My interview and Christmas Ramblings

I had my interview earlier today. Martha's hair came out really great. There were a couple of things that I would do differently but it wouldn't have been anything a client would have noticed. Just the perfectionist in me.(How is it that this doesn't work with cleaning the house???) Anyways, the main person that interviewd me said that she really liked it and was at first a little unsure about how the coloring was going to turn out, but she said she was impressed. COOL HUH? The other girl that looked everything over wasn't so talkative. She was doing a little more detailed look into the highlights and how they blended and layed. All that she said was "It looks good". Becky told me that she needed to talk to the store owner and then would give me a call in a couple of days to let me know either way. So, now the wait begins.

Christmas Ramblings:

I have decided to go another route for my felted coasters. I think that this method is going to be a lot quicker. Too much to write down the method so see it here. I was doing some math and realized that I would have to knit up at least 40 coasters to be done in time. I really don't think that I can knit that fast. If I do it with felting then I can do at least 1 set a night, maybe more. I think that roving will be cheaper than buying all that yarn, too!
The thing is with Christmas is that I get so Martha Stewart. I become the present wrapping maniac. (I get that from my dad; he used to get out the yard stick and double sided tape and everything.) I love finding new and different ways to wrap presents every year. I will leave you with some tried and true Christmas ideas for those who already in the spirit. The first one is my favorite as it totally invokes the feeling of a Winter Wonderland and the second always gets the question of "How did you DO that?". Check out C and D on the page!


Jack said...

Becky -

I'm so glad the interview went well and I can't wait to hear what they say.

I think the point about the percent complete icons is right on - since they pull from somewhere else it takes blogger a long time to update. I've been trying to figure out how to make them work on my site without having that problem, but no luck so far.

I'm curious to see the coasters - I've heard of felting this way but never seen it done.

Only 79 shopping days until Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yea Becky! I knew you'd kick serious hair butt (wow, that sounds kinda strange doesn't it). Keeping all my appendages crossed for you and a speedy job offer.