Sunday, October 31

wastin' away in margaritaville....

Today, I am hung over. Amy and I were going to have a nice night all to ourselves. Eat dinner and take time to relax and really talk things over. Martha comes over at 10:00 and tells us that we are going to a party with her... We really didn't want to but we ended up going. I don't drink very often and can go from sober to drunken fool in about 2 drinks. To make a short story from a fuzzy memory....I remember having a semi decent margarita and then a mini shot of raspberry vodka...(That is where my drink memory ends except for knowing that at one point I was drinking really gross wine that everyone else loved...I don't like wine unless it tastes like fruit) I, fortunately, (or not depending on the situation) can remember everything I do when I drink. I know that I DID NOT make a total ass of my self and that I actually held kind of decent conversations. I have a major hang over this morning and I have to go to work at the new salon to help put stuff up but I am really glad that I went because we got to see a few people that we hadn't talked to in about a year.

Last night I worked on my sisters gloves and I have the first one done up to fingers. I haven't ever done gloves before so I am excited about that. Some of the ladies from my SNB group are meeting to get coffee and knit this afternoon....lucky dogs... I think that I will bring my knitting along and if I get out of there early enough I will swing by to see if they are there...

Following Brookes ten things list I will leave you with ten things I have been for halloween:
1) a pumpkin
2) Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
3) A cheerleader
4) A car hop girl
5) a gypsy
6) Mimi from Drew Carey
7) Cat
8) A fairy
9) A 50's girl
10) A bumble bee ( this was my first halloween costume when I was 6 weeks old)

Happy Knitting and Happy Halloween.

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