Monday, January 31

lot's o pics to see.

I finally have some pictures to show. they are not the best of quality but they are pictures none the less. (Secret Pal this will give you an idea of the colors I like....) I really do like most anything besides orange...

These are socks for my sister's birthday. She is turning the big 28! I love it!!!! (okay so I am only two years behind but I am still the baby) I really like this yarn. I wasn't sure if I really wanted it because it was a gank load of money but I thought I would splurge a little. I will have a lot left over. So I think I am going to make my pal Lindsay a pair for her daughter Daisy.

The angora baby booties that I said I would post a picture of a few weeks back. This also was a total splurge for me. Amy's little sister is pregnant and she is due in August or September....maybe July I forget which month. But I figured they could work for a boy or a girl.

The eyelet lace scarf. I really like these colors. These are just about the colors of my living room and kitchen in my apartment. I have a grape, Old French advertisement theme going on. I think that this is going to be a runner for the Piano but who knows.

This was one of my first scarves ever knit. I still wear this. For some reason I am addicted to lime green. It was knit with a kelly green metallic floss and I still have like a whole spool of it left. I think that is replenishes itself.

On the lime green topic. This is the purse that I am carrying right now. It is grungy and dirty and needs to be retired. I can't wash it, as I forgot to wash the lining first and when I handwashed the matching coin purse it shrunk up to a little ball of disfigurement.

Speaking of purses. These are for the purse I have planned for my spring purse. I don't know what design I am going to use. Probably same ol, same ol. But I really like the lining I picked. I was thinking about using clear plastic handles or something really kitschy to match the lining but haven't figured out what to use yet.

I have more pictures to post but I really have to get house work done today. I keep putting it off, especially the laundry. I am having chicken something for dinner tonight but just can't decide what.

Happy Knitting


Shannon said...

Cute pix. I LOVE LIME GREEN TOO!!! Your blog is looking great. Just a hint of what I did. I was a total html virgin. Had to totally rely on two friends who basically did the same thing as I do now...First, if I see a feature on a blog that I love (for example the tagboard I have now..) I click on it and it usually links to the site where you can configure and sign up for your own. That is the only way I could find all the cool features that are out there. You may already be doing this....Also, like you did for the button. I go in a template and look to see how something is tagged. Now that won't work for something like a button cuz blogger doesn't have that built into the templates. I just totally play around with it.

Oh - btw - I thought I was at the wrong blog at first. my links were messed up for our SnB and so I was checking them and my first thought was crap - they are still messed up...but nope....It looks great.....

Pam said...

I second Shannon - on many fronts apparently. Lime green rocks, I love the new design and I also thought I was at the wrong site at first!

At least your purses have a lining, I always just skip that step because it annoys me.

illanna said...

Your scarf, socks, and booties and blog and everything look super duper cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your new layout! And the pics are great. I love greens of all kinds too.

Letoya said...

I love lime green and sage green. I can't seem to get enough yarn in those colors. I like your new blog!