Thursday, January 6


So, I got out of work early today. There were no clients. Literally. But it looked that way in the whole complex so I am not that upset. I decided that because I had my knitting with me I would go to the Fiber Factory and knit for a little while. I really miss "my ladies". I got a little bit more done on my hourglass sweater and my Flapper Scarf.

I found out that there are 1400 yards in 4 oz. of Infinity Yarn from Southwest Trading Company. I have gank load of it so I am in very nice shape to do the pi shawl. I was going to to the Charlotte's Lace but it just didn't look right. This bit of info on the amount of yarn I have also means that I got a spankin' deal on it. I knew that I did already but this just made it even better!

I saw Melanie and Pam there tonight and we got to chit chat a little bit. Melanie is working on another pair of felted baby booties from a pattern from FiberTrends. I didn't get a chance to find out what Pam is working on as I monopolized the conversation. Sorry about that!
So, where does this D'OH!!! come in at? As I was just about to leave I wanted to show what I was working on to Diane one of the ladies that works there. I show her, we chat, and then I turn around to leave and I knock a $600.00 spinning wheel over and the bobbin flies off. I go instantly into having a heart attack. It was okay but I was mortified!

Oh, on Saturday the Fiber Factory is having a "Candy Wrapper Sale". You go in and take a piece of candy out of a bowl and take off the wrapper and it will tell you how much of a percentage off you get on your purchase that day. Cool, huh? I was going to pick up some needles and some yarn but I am going to wait and do that first thing in the morning before I go to work on Saturday.

I have had a really long day and Amy is going to take me to Applebee's for drinks and dinner tonight! Oooooh How romantic!!!!
Happy Knitting my friends.


Pam said...

Well, Mel and I didn't hear/see the spinning wheel hit the floor so it wasn't that obvious.

As for my WIP...there are so many going on I wouldn't have know what to say anyway. I had 2 in my bag but forgot all my hooks so almost no P was made on the W's. Luckily I had the correct hook for one P stuck in the ball of yarn. Talk about your D'oh!

Hope dinner was fun.

illanna said...

You know, my job was slow yesterday too. Hmmmm... guess there was something else going on... I'll probably see you tomorrow at Fiber Factory- i didn't read your post before i called today... now i know what you meant by accident. I would have freaked out too!