Sunday, January 30

An organized stash is an organized home???

I did it. I am officially organized. My yarn is tucked nicely away in its cubby hole. Fancies are with fancies, wools are with wools, acrylics are with acrylics and all is good. I even went through my needles. I kept thinking that I was really short on needles and then I took a look at my UFO pile.... There they are... So, as not to incriminate myself I will just say that it is a lot. To give a peek in... 46% of my projects are socks.

As I was sitting with mounds of yarn around me I was thinking a few things... 1) I have way too much yarn.... 2) I don't have as much yarn as it seems.... 3) I think that there needs to be a new term besides SABLE... (Stash Aquired is Beyond Life Expectancy.) I can definitely knit all this stuff up. I just have to sit down and do it. I shouldn't have guilt when I look at yarn that was supposed to be knit and then rewound into a little ball and just sits there. I see what all it's potential was and now look at it just a plain ol' ball of yarn that will be sitting there for years to come. I have decided that I am gonna do something about this..

So, I really, really, really want some Rowan Denim Yarn to make the baby pants from last minute knitted gifts. This is the color that I want.

The color is Memphis. Ain't it purrrddddy.

My goal is to finish two projects I have going before I can buy this yarn. I know that it won't do much to help with the stash that is already there, but I will at least be able to get some UFO's done.

Amy and I are off to Bookman's today. We have some books that we can get rid off and those that we can't are gonna go to the Goodwill. There is just no need to keep books that are filling up space around. Especially the ones that have no value and have not been looked at in years.

Happy Knitting my friends.


Shannon said...

I want to knit that pattern too! Maybe we can do it around the same time. I know Jessica's doesn't carry the denim but I THINK Cotton Fields does. We'd have to call. I started the Lopi Scarf from the same book this weekend. I love it. I'll blog about it tonight!

Letoya said...

Ok, that's a pretty color. I don't usually like denim print yarns. I don't like Bernat's Denim but Rowan doesns't add any other colors the the strand. I can'w wait to see what it looks like.

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