Thursday, January 27


I went to our mini SNB last night. It was a blast. There were a few people there but it was still small enough to get a chance to talk. Kirsten was working on her Clapotis from knitty last night and Shannon decided to join in on the fun and cast on for hers. I wasn't too sure what I was going to knit with my handspun yarn but after seeing Kirsten's Clapotis I was inspired. I just have to get going on my spinning. It calls for 600 yards so I hope that I will have enough. I think I might call the Fiber Factory and ask if they have another one of the red hanks of roving.

I'm not going to Jessica's or to Michael's for our SNB meet ups. I am just too tired and there is just way too much laundry. I am going to head out to Lux on Tuesday for a little knitting time with Brooke and some of the other girls around noon. Ahhh, I love when I can get knitting time in!

I will post more later I gotta get to work.. .
Happy Knitting

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Letoya said...

Hey, I found out that you don't need to get a code from a member to join. It's free for anyone now. So here's the link:

I have kept my journal here since 2002. I like it because you can limit viewing access and lock your privite entries. I will see you Tuesday.