Saturday, January 22

ahhh when life gets in the way...

So, as I said before I am posting about what has been going on in my crazy little world. It doesn't seem like much when I am putting it down in writing but it sure feels like it.

bad things first:

1) I haven't been able to really find time to sit down and knit.
2) I still haven't celebrated Christmas with a good friend
3) My "Diet" is not going so well... the saddest part... it wasn't like a real "diet" it was just cutting down on the junk food.
4) My last paycheck was an embarassment to me and my boss. I work on commission, so it ended up with me earning something like $1.57 an hour. YIKES!!!!
5) My house is a pigsty. I mean not even let family in messy.
6) I haven't had a chance to sit and talk with Amy in about 6 days.

Good things:
1) I started messing around with my drop spindle again and have fallen in love with spinning.
a) I did get a chance to go to Coffee Talk and cast on for my Pi shawl (but I made a mistake so I have to frog it.
b) I met a lovely woman there...she is sweet as pie and she is going to let me borrow one of her spinning wheels for a while.
c) I am going to kool-aid dye some of my roving for this
2) I am celebrating christmas with friend above tonight!
3) I have been sticking to Diet Colas and coffee only in the morning and mostly water all day.
4) I have a new job, but you all know this.
5) I have all morning to clean my house.
6) Amy is got off work early tonight and we aren't going out until 10:00 tonight... so she better be in the mood to chitchat.

I will post pictures of how well my dye jobs go. :)

happy Knitting.

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