Monday, January 17

okay okay I gotta get some pictures

I know, I have been rather lazy about putting pictures up here. I just don't have anything finished to show off. My hourglasss sweater looks like a blue blob. Not much to show off on that one. The little lace scarf has only about an inch more done on that one... No show offs on that either. So what else is there? A big fat nothin'.

Don't know where this attitude is coming from today but it is here. I am have to re-type my resume tonight becuase I am a dumbass and didn't save it on a hard copy.

Oh, there is a couple of things to tell... I totally forgot about this. I got a big fat tip from client today so I picked up some wool-ease to make the "Almost Famous Luggy Bonnet" from Weekened Knitting. This is a smaller worsted so I think that it will work. I am only doing it in seven colors instead of eight because I didn't like the way all the colors looked together. But I have wanted to knit this hat for a while. Just was cheap about buying the yarn. I thought what the heck and did it out of cheaper stuff.

Oh, just a word out Michael's has their dollar days right now and some of the foo foo yarns and quite cheap. I couldn't think if anything I would need them for in the next few projects so I passed but thought I would let others know.

Happy Knitting.

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