Wednesday, January 5

So, Brooke asked me if there was any chance that my boss would read my blog. Nope, she doesn't. I haven't ever mentioned to her that I had one. Wheeww!

I didn't get to do knit too much yesterday. I went over to my sis's house and she has a full blown bronchial infection. She had been sick for the last few days so I helped around her house. Did a few loads of laundry for her and did very minor grocery shopping.

I then fell asleep for a three hour nap. Which means that I ended up staying awake until 2:30 this moring. YAY!

I did get to work on my Flapper Scarf and a little bit on my Hourglass sweater. Sorry no pics of that. But as you all know I am a fickle knitter and I just HAD to check out the little leaf lace pattern. Here it is. I just have 57 mor repeats to go!

I am off to work a little more on my hourglass sweater. I want to work on my Flapper Scarf but it is hard to do at night because it's black.

Happy Knitting

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Kirsten said...

Oh - your little leaf lace scarf is lovely!!! It looks great. Hope your sister feels better soon. Take care, Kirsten