Tuesday, January 11

Today is a good day. I have an interview at 11:00 for a salon. I decided that until I build up my experience and clientele I need to work in a salon that will pay me base and or wage. My interview today is with Regis salons. I think that this is going to be the best thing for me right now.

After that Martha and I are going to the Fiber Factory. She wanted to go to Jessica's but I need to get some more yarn that I have on hold there. She is finally willing to buy good yarn. I think the biggest motivation on that is because she started a purse that needed to be finished by March and she put the final touches on it last night. It is really cute. I helped her figure out the pattern so I think that I am gonna "steal" the idea back from her.

Then it is off to my sister's and we are going watch Napoleon Dynomite. I will get some pictures posted and all will be good!

Last night I was able to get half of the 2nd wrist warmer done. It is looking good so far. I think that I just need to splurge and buy the counter from Clover.

I keep thinking about buying one but I don't want to shell out 8 bucks for it. Although, if I do then I won't always have to make sure I have a little piece of paper and pen with me.

happy knitting.


Jen said...

Buy the counter, its the best investment ever! I love mine

illanna said...

You know what I've been doing? If there is something that I can't see spending x number of dollars on, I'll sell something on ebay to cover the cost, and then use that money to buy the thing. That way I don't feel like I'm spending anything. Like Jen said though, the katcha katcha is definitely worth it.

Kirsten said...

I totally agree with Illanna!! I do this too! I like to think of it as recycling my budgeted "recreation" amount. Hope your interview went well. Take care, Kirsten (who hope she can make it to the SnB on the 19th.....)

Jack said...

How did the interview go? I've been putting off making an appointment with you until you get to the new salon - no need giving that horrible boss of yours any business if I don't have to.

The Katcha Katcha is worth the $8 - I even bought one for my mom for Christmas. It beats the paper and pencil method and it's way better than those little counters you have to twist.

- Brooke