Wednesday, January 12

fuzzy wrists.

I know that some of you may have seen the "resolution 2005" on my side bar. I got an email the other day asking if that was really my goal for the year..."to get all my possessions repossesed by the government". You silly things... it is a joke resolution. Please click and find out what yours will be.

I finished my wrist cuffs. As expected they are two different sizes and don't really match all that well. But only a knitter would be able to see this! I am going to wear them with pride. I wasn't able to get a photo of them last night so they aren't in the greatest shot but you get the idea.

I am looking for my pattern for my flapper scarf. It is lost in the pile somewhere. I am still trying to figure out how to make a felt case for my double points and if I had thought about it I could have gone to Michaels. But I guess I will go there tomorrow.

My plan for this evening is to sit on my rump and to make some progress on my hourglass sweater. I wish I got my Kacha kacha yesterday but the FF was out and I didn't want to stop anywhere else.

Happy Knitting

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illanna said...

Your wristwarmer looks great!! I'm going to Jessica's tonight if you want to meet up and knit there.