Saturday, January 8

To the yarn store and back...

I am rather proud of myself today. I woke up at 9:00, out of the door by 9:25 and at the Fiber Factory at 9:55. OMG! There was a line already waiting outside the doors on both entrances of the store. I knew exactly what I wanted so I snuck in, grabbed my stuff and got out of there by 10:09! Not too bad, huh? So what was I able to get my grubby little hands on?

I picked up a ball of angora for the Angora Baby Booties in "Last minute knitted gifts".

It is normally 7.25 a pop for 56 yards, but with the sale going on I got it for 5.44. Still more than I would normally pay for something but these are going to go to Amy's little sister. She is due in October.

I also got some size 5 WOODEN dpn's. I kept using these plastic ones and they are just a pain in the rear to use.

I also was able to dig through and get 3 more skeins of the Berroco Softwist for my hourglass sweater.

When I got there, there was a sign that said that you can't get anything of the hold shelf. So thankfully there were a few skeins in the same dye lot. I would have bought more those were the only 3 they had left in that dye lot.

I got it all for $24.34! A nice way to start my day.

Last night I helped Lindsay, my co-worker and old classmate from school work on her first knitting project. A dishcloth. Next Sunday we are going to Jessica's and she is going to start a real project. She really fell in love withe the zipped raglan from LMKG. So maybe that will be it. HMMMM...
Happy Knitting my friends.
I wish you all happy knitting.

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Pam said...

That is the largest set of DPNs EVER. What in the world are you going to make with them? Socks for King Kong?