Monday, January 10

A man walks into a bar and say OW!

Amy asked me if I considered myself to be an all around crafty gal. I told her yep I sure do! She smiles at me and says "Good, then you need to make something for all your double points!" D'oh. I walked straight into that one. So, I am now on the hunt to make a case for my double points. I am not that great of a seamstress so I was thinking that it has to be something easy. Or at least something that I can use bonding strips with. I wanted to do something with felt, so at first I thought I could knit something up and then felt it, but figured it wouldn't be that easy to fold. and that is a lot of seaming for those pockets! What about regular felt. That can be done with heat and bond right? At least I hope so because that is what I am using. Hopefully it will work out. I have a few sketches drawn out but not betting on anything.

I finished 1 of my wrist cuffs. Of course, I didn't write down my modifications so I am going to wing it. I will see what I can do about getting a picture of them tomorrow when I go to my sister's. I will also get a picture of the angora baby booties I finished up.

I joined the bootie knit along today. I think that I am going to be in bootie overtime as my sister is trying to have another baby, Amy's little sister is due and my cousin is going to have a baby.

A question out there for those with babies. I was thinking about making some Angora mitts for the winter time but I am not sure if it will be too fuzzy for the baby. Let me know any suggetions!

happy knitting.

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Jack said...

Becky -

I don't think they would be too fuzzy, but they might get lost just to warn you. I can't imagine anything staying on a baby's hand for more the 3 minutes.