Sunday, January 16

this that and other stuff.

I am heading out to my sister's house today. We are going to paint their house. They just got their countertops in and the contractor is doing the last minute details before the inspector comes. I am absolutely in love with the floors they have so, when I am out there I will have my other sister take a picture of them.

Not much to tell on the knitting front. I do beleive that I am not supposed to have a Kacha kacha row counter. Every time for the last four trips I have made to get one places have been out. I am seeing this as a sign...

I was supposed to wake up this morning and go for a walk with Lindsay, her three year old Daisy and our doggies (both named Maggie). I forgot to switch my phone back on so when I woke up this morning at 9:00 I checked and she hadn't called. So at least I don't feel bad.

I have lost all of my saved items. I MEAN ALL OF THEM!!! Amy had installed Linux on the computer (for those non computer nerds it is some sort of DOS program...which is the super old school method of computing). Well it wasn't working out right. I left to work yesterday with all well and normal and when I walk in the door I go to get on the computer. She tells me no. Why? There is nothing to compute on. I don't know how late she was up last night but she ended up having to get out the reinstall CD's from when we first got the computer. All of my patterns, my tips, well just everything! GONE, GONE GONE!!! I am going to spend today getting everything back in order. Or at least this morning.

I am still working on the hourglass sweater, disco socks, flapper scarf and the eyelet lace scarf.
Happy knitting.


illanna said...

UGH that sucks so bad about your computer! I would be seriously pissed off. Keep trying for the Kacha Kacha. Purlsoho has them probably if you want to order it, or try ebay.

What are disco socks? Sounds cool!

Pam said...

Ew, that sucks. I rmember what a pain it was to transfer stuff to my new computer and that was planned for! Good luck and try not to throw anything pointy.

I got my Katcha Katcha for the gift exchange at Joanns.