Tuesday, January 25

oooohhh red...

I was able to convinve Amy to go to Fiber Factory today. I wanted to get lots and lots of stuff but I just got some roving and some sparkly fiber to go in it. I wanted to go plain but Amy thinks it will look cool. The roving is mostly red but has black and purple and yellow and all sorts of other lovely colors going on. The sparkly Fibers are a burnt orange color. My scanner isn't working so well today, so I will have pictures posted up of it tomorrow.

Illana called me earlier today and asked I was going to be there in the evening as she had some errands to do around Mesa... As much as I wanted to go, I was more excited about having a real day off and to just do whatever I wanted and I wanted more than anything to lounge around on my couch and zone in front of the t.v.

We also went to Ikea today. A wasted trip. Okay not quite, but we went there to get a futon matress for our futon and we decided that because it was only going to be used for sitting on in the computer/knitting room that we didn't want to shell out 180.00 dollars for one. We found one at Big Lots for 80.00 bucks and that is a little more in our price range. Not the best quality but if it lasts a few years we will be happy.

So, what did we get from Ikea. A new storage system for my yarn. My wooden chest is becoming over loaded and it doesn't really fit into the computer/knitting/guitar room. SO, we picked up these

Two of them. They are really big. We also got a little rack for them to sit hang on. There is enough left on the rack for a small little one to fit in between. I think that it will look rather nice with all the yarn in there. I just have to take the time to actually move everything over.

It's kind of sad really, I mean I just have to move my yarn and books from the front of the house to the back of the house and yet, I was too lazy to do it tonight. Darn you law and order on tnt...
Well, it is off to bed as I have a full day ahead of me. I am still trying to decide if I want to go to Mama Java's tonight. I saw Latoya at Fiber Factory and she told me that I had to go... So did Illana and Shannon... One more person and I might think about really doing it... Just kidding!!!
I am 95% sure that I will be there...

Happy Knitting my friends.


knittingfool said...

Now that is a good idea - I have one of those storage things stuck in my closet that I am not using. When I get home, it is turning into the yarn organizer!! Kristy

illanna said...

I'm glad you decided to come! Love your yarn (yummmmm yarnnnnn) and your awesome disco socks!