Friday, November 5

You are an obsession you are my obsession...

Okay if you know this song, than you are probably a child of the 80's! And I love that! So, what is my obsession? It is getting the mail. I became enthralled with it when I was a little kid and I have never grown apart from that lust for finding out what is in that little box everyday! So, what did I get in the mail today? I got the newest issue of Cast On. I know that the patterns in there before have been a little, well... tacky and uninteresting but this one is actually filled with some quite interesting and definitely knittable things! It is funny to see how a magazine that is a knitting staple for the "long time" knitter is finally realizing that they need to bring in some fun hip patterns! Take a look at what I have on my platter for the new year! But keep reading cause there is more at the bottom!

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