Monday, November 8

How is it that a cheap present for friend can get so expensive?

It all started so nicely. I thought that I would work on a present for a freind(sorry she reads the blog so I can't reveal too much). I was using two skeins of yarn that I had around and I thought that it would be plenty. It wasn't, so I have to go to Fiber Factory on Wednesday which I will be shelling out about 15.00 for more yarn. Not too bad right? Well, in reading the pattern I found that I also needed size 10.5 dpns. I could use a 16 in that i have but I have to decrease later on and then would have to buy the dpns anyways. Well, I picked up the dpns at Joann's today when I was going to Guitar Center. (Looking for gift ideas for Amy's X-mas present) The needles ended up being about 9.00. I then came home started reading the pattern a little more and then realized I will need yet again 1 more size of needles! So, for a present limit that was set at 10.00 or under I am ending up way over budget! I know, I know the needles aren't going into the cost but dang it I really hate buying needles. I know that I will use them but it just kills me to pay 8.00 and up for two pieces of wood attached to plastic!

I am seeing that everyone is getting hooked by the Ribbi Cardi. It is okay. Not my favorite thing but I can't wait to see the progress on them. Oh, I also started on the new scarf for Amber. I think that I will get this pattern posted some time soon too! I need to set a reminder for myself about getting the free patterns up!

Happy Knitting.

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