Sunday, November 7

Holey Gloves, Batman!

I finished the thumb on Kims gloves. looks like crap. Why is it that I can not pick up stitches around for the thumb gusset? Every time I have done this is it looks like junk and I have holes everywhere on them. I do make mistakes but this is ridiculous. I think that I am going to rip out for Kim's gloves back past the thumb gusset and start over. I want these to look really nice. So, here is my new goal. Since I think this looks so bad I am going to rip it out past my mistakes that I decided to not fix and then work up all the way to finishing the fingers on both gloves. I am then going to reach out for thel in picking up my thumb gussets so that way I don't have any holes.

I need to work on the schematics for Amy's stethescope cozy. I am thinking about how to do it. I was looking on line and found a site for kids that has cozies that are basically stuffed animals shoved on a stethescope. I thought that I could make her a snake or lizard one. I was also thinking that I could do one with a paw print stitch on it. If I have the time I would like to do both. I really think though that she would like the snake one! I have a book called Knitting Pretty and it has the pattern for a knit snake in it. (I think that if I do it on smaller needles it will fit. Hmmmm. )

Well, Amy's band is meeting up today to try out a new singer (2 actually) and that means that Kim and I have to get out of there. They play really loud and we turn into old fussy bitties.
Happy Knittintg to you all...

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