Wednesday, November 17

Too faced... or just secretive?

I got a few loads of laundry done and thought what the heck and decided to go to Fiber Factory today. I used to knit with them on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but I haven't been doing that lately. I really miss it. I guess one of the reasons I stopped going was because I got so involved in my SNB group. Crazy sounding, right? Yeah, it kinda is, but the women that are at the FF don't have the greatest relationship with our SNB group. There was never a real reason why, but it was more than likely because they saw this and us as a trend....So anyways, it was kind of like being in an open relationship, but only one of the two people that you were seeing knew it was open...Get it? Silly I know, but that is how I felt. I did manage to spend some cash there. I got the yarn for my Grandma's washcloths and for Kim's slippers. My scanner is in a complete funk so you gotta wait for picutres. Sorry folks... You can't have everything.

The knit in at Jessica Knits is tomorrow night. I need to learn to really read and not to skim things over. I would have understood it more... I am going there earlier. I hope that she won't mind. It will also give me time to look at some of the yarn for a project I want to do after the new year.

I finished one of my sister Amy's slippers, I just have to cast on for the second one. I should have thought about making them a long time ago and then I wouldn't even be in this mess.

I still need to finish Amber's scarf. I love working down to the last makes me work harder, or so I like to think this.... I am trying to get organized but it really isn't working all that well, so here is my list of things I need to do before Chirstmas... if you guys get tired of seeing these lists then let me know...
  1. make the lining for Martha's bag
  2. Sew the ribbon's on Jessica's shrug
  3. Finish Amber's scarf
  4. Finish Amy's slippers
  5. Kim's slippers
  6. Pat's slippers
  7. Make Marie's present, not knitted but still will take some time.

Well, I hope you all had a good day. Mine is better!

Happy Knitting

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illanna said...

i definitely know what you mean about fiber factory having a weird issue with our group. When i first went in there, one of the ladies asked me if i was in one of those "new knitting groups" and she kind of made a face. It wasn't the tuesday thursday ladies though- it was one of the employees or owner. fiber factory kind of gives me the creeps.