Thursday, November 11

Gone Knittin'

I met up with Brooke tonight for knitting at Starbucks. It was kind of loud in there, but I we were able to hold a decent conversation. It is funny how you know somone but when you are able sit down in a smaller setting how much more you get to really know them. I had a good time with her. I also got a lot done on Amber's scarf. I think that I am going to oficially call it the "Star Tat Scarf". Amber has a tattoo on her back of pink, blue and yellow stars on her back that are on a bed of black ink. It looks really cool. I did this scarf modeled after her tattoos.

As most of you know, I hate purling and will avoid it all costs. I also hate working on dpns. I prefer to work on two circs. But, I had size 9 dpns and it came down to two choices on that scarf. I can either work the scarf knit flat after the intarsia stars and then purl for 4 feet or I can work it on dpns. I chose the latter. I really do hate working on dpns but I hate purling even more. Does this make me a "bad" knitter? Or just a lazy one? Or may even an ingenious knitter? Hmmmm.... I will let the public decide.

But anyways, the scarf is just over 1/2 way done and I am really excited. I want to finish it really bad because it is being knit in Red Heart Acrylic and I am getting antsy to work with better yarn. The discussion came up tonight about knitting gifts in acrylic. Yep, I am proud to say that I am will do it. I learned this lesson earlier this year when I knit a purse for a graduation present and all I got was an "oh, thanks". Not to bring up demons but you would think that someone who asked me that if I was paid would I make it for her , would be excited about getting it as a present! So, unless it is going out to people that I know will spend the time taking care of something, everyone else gets acrylic.

Happy knitting.

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illanna said...

I wish I knew you had that problem with the needles- I have size 9 addi turbos that are circular with a 12 inch cord- it would have been perfect for that! You could have totally borrowed it. I used them for the sleeves on my sweater! I love your scarf and your intarsia is perfect as always.