Thursday, November 11

Shouldn't I be knitting?

I know that Christmas is only a few weeks away but I am still sitting here blogging instead of knititng. A big thank you goes out to Illana for the idea for quick gifts...I think that I am going to add on to the idea and make it even quicker. Just go to Joann's or Michaels or even Walmart and buy one of these little guys... Taa Daa. I cord in minutes. I think that it is worth the 15 bucks! What a great way to use up your stash too!

I worked a few more inches on Amber's scarf. I have gone past the half way mark. It is all smooth sailing from there....or should I say smooth knitting? okay okay a bad one, I am tired okay!

My sister's Stethoscope cozy is being put on the back burner and I am making her slippers instead. I think that I said this before but I just wanted to give her something that she can use away from work. I still have to figure out what I am going to make my Grandma. I am still taking suggestions on this one. I need it to be about 20.00 and not take too much time! So, now that you have the necessary info...I will be expecting the ideas to pour in. :)

I would also like to welcome Pam to the blog world... Check out her blog...she is listed on my side bar!

Happy Knitting and Happy Thursday...

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illanna said...

I made my grandma a pair of fuzzy feet from knitty and she LOVED them. You can put some puffy fabric paint on the bottom of them and make them the "no slip" kind of slippers (if that makes sense). You can even get 2 colors of brown sheep for like 12 bucks and make a cool design of something stripey, or you can get some variegated yarn or something too. But why aren't you giving her the million dollar pair of koigu socks (haha just kidding)