Monday, November 22

Why did I agree to this?

This afternoon I was talking to Amy and I ended up agreeing to knit her Grandparents and her Aunt Christmas presents. I know that she wanted something that was heartfelt for them and I knew that she was a little jealous that my Grandparents got handknit items. So I am adding two more to my Christmas list...and here I was thinking I would get it all done by the end of November. Not that I am making difficult things, Aunt Caren is getting a knit hat and Grandma and Grandpa are getting knit dishcloths. I have stash that I can use up so I am not too worried about the cost. I just want to get them done in time for shipping... So once again here is another list...


  1. Line Martha's bag
  2. Sew ribbons onto Jessica's shrug
  3. Knit 3 more washcloths for Amy's G & G
  4. Knit cap for Aunt Caren
  5. Finish Kim's slippers
  6. Finish Pat's slippers
  7. Finish Amber's scarf
  8. BREATH!

Happy Knitting!

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