Wednesday, November 10

what do I love about my job????

The fact that I am only three miles away from my apartment and I can come home to eat lunch and blog! I am just waiting for my soup to cool... Martha brought up to me the other day that she finds it funny that even though I am eating meat again, I will only eat vegetarian vegetable soups. I guess that i just found that I love the taste for it... Speaking of soups.. I am in search of a Vegan Butter Bean soup recipe, like the one they have at Souper Salad!

I got a few inches done on Ambers scarf. It is looking really nice. I have to work some more on Amy's slippers. *thanks for the tip Pam* I will try that on Matthews slippers. I gotta get out of here.

Back to cutting hair. I think that I will be at the Starbucks at Park Central Mall around 6:30 tonight. If anyone wants to stop in and knit with me I would love it... Happy Day and Happy Knitting!

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