Tuesday, November 30

Yarn used for sister's slippers: $12.00

Yarn used for Grandma's washcloth's: $20.00

Yarn used from stash for scarf: $0.00

Getting all your Christmas knitting done by November 30th: PRICELESS!


Jen said...

HA!!! I love it. You lucky, lucky chick! I still have so much to do. Jeez is Maggie tiny, I think my cat is twice her size.

Pam said...

Ok, you truly suck! Now that you know how to crochet, wanna help me with my list?

Shannon said...

How very cool is that! And I love the way you blogged it. I am very jealous however and everytime I think I am near complete I remember 3 others I have to do......I love those slippers!