Thursday, November 18

Taaa Daaa!

So, what do you think? I learned how to use photobucket for my pics. So much easier than picasa. Yippee! These are for my grandma's Christmas present. I am pretty sure she will like them. They are cotton chenille, how could anyone not like them?!?!?! Simple pattern... You can find it anywhere on the net... Look for fancy dishcloth or grandma's favorite dishcloth...
I went to the knit in at Jessica Knits tonight. Jessica is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I was talking with some of the gals from my SNB and realized that my last few posts have been kind of grumpy... Sorry about that... no real reason... I have just been feeling down in the dumps. I am giving you two lists tonight...
  1. Kim's slippers
  2. Amy's slippers
  3. Pat's slippers
  4. Amber's scarf


  1. Having an FO
  2. Getting a great job
  3. Matthew saying my name for the first time
  4. My dog Maggie
  5. Getting a great haircut
  6. Getting signed up for TiVo
  7. Getting published in a book
  8. Cooking
  9. My cat's Pepper Ann and Moose
  10. Life.....

Happy Knitting!


illanna said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL! your grandma is going to love them. the colors are so bright too!!!

Creative Genius? said...

Oh those look nice - it was nice seeing them as work in progress tonight as well! :-) She's going to LOVE them! You should make some homemade soaps to go along with it! (OHHHHH I'll make some with you!)

Creative Genius? said...

Ok - i have to be honest here... TIVO ... that is like a whole top ten list in itself of why to be happy :-)

(and what's FO?)