Wednesday, November 17

where has all the knitting gone?

I have been too lazy or too tired to knit. I hate that. I have been slowly working on the felted slippers for my sister Amy. There really is no need to post a pic of them. Just think of a short forest green sock. Now think of it being able to fit King Kong!

I have also told my sister Kim that she isn't getting goves for Christmas. I keep messing up on the gloves big time and I don't want to give her a crappy present. So, she too, is getting a pair of felted slippers. Too bad I don't that yarn I bought for her gloves is a mix and won't felt. Oh well, I will knit something with it.

Sorry for the blandness of this post. I am feelig pretty lame today. I read on Brooke's blog that Jessica is having a knit in tonight. I will have to check that out. If so I might go. I just want to get away from my house. Which, I need to clean today. Maybe that is why my mood is so sour. I have serious laundry issues, (meaning that I don't do it until it becomes an all day event). I will set a little goal for myself to get a few loads done and then work on my slippers again. I want the first one done by tonight and the second one to have the heel turned.

Just wanted to also say sorry for no post yesterday. I worked until 8:00 and then we went out for drinks with a friend. I guess that is really no excuse... I mean some people are in labor and they are posting!!! ;)

Happy Knitting.

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