Friday, November 19

What goes up must come down...

How is it that after a great day, it always ends up that the next day is crappier than normal? Don't want to go into super long stories, but had a fight with the car loan officer at the bank today. I got told two different pay off amounts. They of course wanted to keep the higher amount! After arguing for 30 minutes with her, I get a call from work asking if I can come in because Jean and Lindsay have gotten into an argument and Jean quits. (okay, not that I am all that upset about Jean leaving because she is CRAZY but it still is frustrating.) I come home. I have locked myself out of my car not the escape, but my crappy little jetta. GGRRRRR!!!

I don't want to dwell on that anymore. I turned the heel on slipper number two and I am working on the gusset. I think if I try hard enough I can get it done tonight! yay!

Oh, I know that I asked a few of you last night about this, but I was wondering.... how many are knitting something for the holiday party and how many are getting a knitting related item?

Happy Knitting!


Jen said...

I can't decide, probably knitted related items. Its hard though because you don't want to give somebody something they don't need or already have. Maybe I'll make a cute binder for patterns or something....hmmmm.

illanna said...

I am going to get a knitting related item. Maybe a small knitted item too.