Friday, November 12

Another day at home early...

I should be working right now, but I am off playing on the computer. Okay, I actually am doing some work, I had to print up some flyers for our salon and rather than sit at Kinko's I am doing the work here at home, the copier is spitting things out as I type this, really!!!

I did a few cuts today. I am not too sure how well my clientele is building up, but enough to make a decent pay.

I got my payment from Debbie today for my pattern! How cool is it to be paid for something that you love to do? She also sent a letter in there saying that the book was coming out December 1st now! Oh well, one more thing to look foward too!

Not much to say about knitting. We are having our SNB group tonight. I have a headache but I am hoping that it will be gone by then. I am only bringing my scarf to work on. If I don't have anything else to knit then I will get a lot done on that!

Happy Friday!

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