Monday, December 20

what on earth is happening to me?

So, I told myself that I wouldn't be a bad blogger and go two days without posting. But here I am again. Right in the same spot. I know that maybe I shouldn't post if I don't have anything to say but there are a few things to update on.

I found out on Sunday that my sister is an ice cream junkie. She can eat the stuff like crazy. I also realized that even on size 15 needles I still wouldn't be able to make her scarf in time for her birthday on the 23rd. So, I am going to knit her an ice cream cozy and give her a few gift certificates for pints at Baskin Robbins.

I will post a picture of it when I am done.

More later. It is late and I am tired...

Happy Knitting!

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Kirsten said...

Hey Becky,

I understand what you mean about blogging. I told myself I wouldn't go so long between posts and here it is 6 days later.... Very cute idea for your sister's Bday - can't wait to see the cozy!
Take care, Kirsten