Thursday, December 30

Happy Birthday Amy! and a trip to the yarn store.

Today is Amy's birthday. I got the day off but she has to work. :( That is okay, I have time to get the house clean for her. I have been really lazy about doing the housework. I asked her what she wanted for the birthday and she told me to just clean the house and to do her chores. Of course, I am going to also make her dinner request. She works a split shift. 9-2 and 6-9 today. So, maybe during her "lunch" we will go and see a movie.

I am on my way to the yarn store. I have a good idea about what I need to get. I am going to start the hourglass sweater for myself today. I want to make sure it looks okay before I knit one up for Lindsay. I also need to pick up yarn for Jeremy's hat. I think while I am there, I will also get yarn to make Amy a super soft hat. I know that she has been wanting one. Other than that not much else to say. I will post some pictures of what I got today.

oh.... Happy Anniversary Alison and Michael.

Happy Knitting!

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