Monday, December 13

what happened to my text?

Sorry about that last post folks. I don't know what happened to my text.

I have been having a crazy weekend but it looks like things are finally settling down.

I have been working on my unbiased bag from It is turning out rather well from the soysilk that I have been using.

This is the 2nd of the 4 pieces. I am just finishing up with number 3. I had hoped to have it done on Sunday but Monday night isn't too bad!

I have this pattern for the Charlotte's Lace Shawl and I am going to use my hand dyed infinity.


With my purple Beyond I am going to knit the drop Stitch sweater from the SNB nation book.
I think that the drop stitches will really sow off the nubbiness of the yarn.
will post a pic of that later.

I just have my Melody yarn to figure out what to do with. I was thinking about doing drop stitch scarf or two as I have tons of it. I want to showcase the yarn and not the stitch.

Speaking of decorative stitch patterns. I watched my first episode of Knitty Gritty. They had Lily Chin on there and she was talking about decorative stitches. But she was also talking about adding beads to your knitting. She showed a method that I hadn't seen before of adding beads one at a time with a crochet hook onto the previous row worked. SO COOL. I will have to try this out.

Well I am off to work. I finally found my Active Cake Yeast for the cookies I am making for the cookie exchange. It is at AJ's! I have been searching for about a week for this stuff and I couldn't find it anywhere. I am hoping that making cookies tonight will get me into the holiday spirit.

Happy Knitting.

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illanna said...

ooooh that's a cool idea for the soy silk! I have had a hard time figuring out what to make with all the stuff I bought. I also watched my first episode of knitty gritty yesterday! It's on again tonight (don't forget!). I was also enthralled by the crochet hook beads that she did. What a coincidence! Anyway, I am very interested in seeing your progress on Charlotte's shawl.