Wednesday, December 15

If they can sell this for that price...well I should too!

So, I was flipping through pages of a men's magazine yesterday and I stumbled across these fine little garments. I know that fashion is about going one step further. Shaking things up a bit and challenging the rules. You could also say the same things about new knitters these days. But I reall think that the only people who would get true appreciation from the following sweaters are knitter's and those who do or want to do Fairisle or stranding. C'mon... If these guys can sell a sweater inside out for 675 bucks then what is stopping me?

For those of you on a tighter budget there is this one (same process..just turn it inside out)

I wonder if I should wear my skully like this? hmmmm

Okay for those of you who are not keen on wearing their clothes inside out, Go ahead and knit that sweater up. Do the cables and the bobbles and the trellis work... Isn't it beautiful? Now shove only the top of it in some dye.

Okay, the Prada sweater isn't too bad on the dye job. In fact, I think it looks kind of nice. I would wear that. But as with all things in life. You get what you pay for. Please see the image below for a lesser and more obvious version of top dyeing.

Maybe it's the colors but it just looks like somebody burnt the top of this sweater.

Okay all, I hope you enjoyed this little fashion show. On the knitting news, I finished my unbiased bag. I will have to get a picture of it and show you. A scanner really won't be much help with it. It is cute. I don't think I have to line it, as I want it to sag. I swore that I measured to 7.5 inches like the pattern said but it still looks a little small and weird. It is still usable though.
I haven't worked on my bunny hat for Matthew. I need to get some size 5 WOODEN needles. I have to keep putting stitches back on wiht my plastic ones. GRRR... I am not to sure what I am going to do until then. Maybe a UFO? I am getting rather fond of finishing stuff I haven't worked on in a while.

Happy Knitting


illanna said...
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Creative Genius? said...

heheheh - that was a good laugh... we should all attend a SnB meeting with our sweaters inside out!

Tree said...

Hello. I got a kick out of this posting and look forward to reading more of your blog. You also posted a comment on my site... I'll have to look for that sock yarn you were interested in. I can't find the labels. Be well and happy knitting.