Friday, December 10

Oh.... the things to tell.

Last night was the party for our 1 year snb anniversary. Great job ladies. I left my chairs there so I have to find out if anyone grabbed them. They are dark green lawn chairs.

Jen got my secret gift. So, I can tell you all what they are now. They are called "Knit Notes". I will have to show you a picture of them as words can't describe. I am glad that they went to someone who will use them. YAY!

I got loads of goodies last night...

First I got 5 great big skeins of yarn for waaaaayyyy cheap. As soon as I wind them I will post a pic of them. 2 are for a tank that I want to do and the others I am not sure just yet what I am gonna do with 'em.

I also got a fun little bag full of all those needed knitting supplies for my holiday gift. Stitch holders, cable needles, stitch markers, etc...

I was also able to get something from the wondeful and crafty ladies... Amy and Alison. Amy made me a special request fortune cookie earrings...folks these are soo dang cute... and Alison gave me a set of stitch markers... Beautiful.

Oh, one more thing to tell... I finished my skully sweater yesterday morning. I know feel like I can accomplish anything that I want to.

Happy Knitting.

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illanna said...

Hi Becky! I think Alison took your chairs for you. You should ask her if she has them. Also, your notes were SO cute and Jen loved them. You should definitely sell those- knitters love those kinds of things. Also, good LUCK winding those balls. I have been having a heck of a time with them.