Thursday, December 9

I was thinking this morning about my resolutions for the new year. I will make goals for my regular self but I haven't ever done any knitting goals. There are a few things that I want to learn and patterns that I want to try out, or yarn that I want to knit with and goals to accomplish. So this day is dedicated to what I want to do in the year coming...

1) Knit a lace shawl. Lace making fascinats me. It looks so intricate but when you break it down it is just yo's and k2togs.
2) Recycled silk yarn. I just love the look of it.
3) Fairisle. I will probably start with a hat or something small but it I love the look of it.
4) Cardigan. (I just have to find the perfect pattern)
5) teach at least three people to knit. I have two lined up, so I just need one more.
6) the DNA scarf for my sister. I want to do this by March...
7) buy a spinning wheel to spin my own yarn.
8) Do more Beaded knitting. I think it is so interesting.
9) More charity projects.
10) Make something utterly prissy for me... (at least one time)

Happy knitting

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Pam said...

I love that DNA scarf, it matches my tattoo! It's probably the project that's going to make me try knitting again.