Thursday, December 23

knitting a plenty

Last night I felted Pat's slippers. Yummy! I used a Lite Lopi and they turned out divine! I think that if I need to felt something again I will definitely use this wool. Amy wasn't all that happy with the color choices so I picked up some RIT dye and it turned them into this deep olive shade. These slippers just ask to be worn.

I also got Lindsay's flower pins done. These things go fast. I made her a black one and a green multi color one. Very nice.

I will get some pictures of them up asap. I will probably be making more of them. I have seen around on other people's blogs that they have used some other patterns out there. I just have to find them.

Kim is getting her Ice Cream Cozy today. I hope that she likes it. I am pretty sure that she will, but it always makes you feel good when they really like something.

I just have my ornaments to get together. I finished making them. Just have to wrap them. That is going to be the time consuming part. I don't go to work today until noon so maybe I will be able to get them done!

So here is the updated Christmas to accomplish list:

  • wrap all presents
  • wrap ornaments
  • make gift tags for them
  • make pecan pies
  • clean house for Saturday

I got my cards done too yesterday! It is nice to have a productive day!

Happy Knitting!

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