Saturday, December 4

Am I becoming a bad blogger?

I have been kind of lazy about posting lately. Sorry there is no excuse for that. I had to give back the camera I was using, so all you get is scanned stuff again.

The little hat that I am working on for Matthew is coming along nicely. The beginning of the pattern seems really messed up but it really does work!!!! I have also decided that I am going to knit a shell out of the new book, too. I can't remember the name of it, but it is the one that has the dropped stitches.

I am getting a new phone on Monday and it is a camera phone. I know it won't be the greatest of quality of pictures but it will be better than scanned pics all the time.

Oh, one last thing to tell... I have decided to have a knitalong... Actually it is going to be a "FINISH YOUR SKULLY" knitalong. Shannon (from my SNB group) and I both have unfinished skully sweaters that we aren't too excited about finishing. So, I am going to make a group in yahoo groups and get that going. Leave me a comment or email me and let me know if you want to join. I will have more about it later, but it will more than likely be starting after the new year and maybe prizes!!!

Happy Knitting.

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illanna said...

I know yours is technically a FINISH skully along, but I found this link to a regular skully along that might interest you:

and even though I am not going to knit a skully, I will be very supportive of your knitalong because I want you to finish it already so that I can see it. You were working on that sweater the first day I met you, and i have been waiting PATIENTLY to see it finished. PLEASE FINISH SKULLY! :)