Wednesday, February 9

It all started so innocently. I thought I would just whip up some stitch markers to use up the excess beads that I ahd left form my necklace. I did, they looked really pretty. How is it then, that I have a crap load of stitch markers and haven't done any real knitting in about three days?

Okay that last part isn't true but I somehow mananged to make a ton of markers. I think that I am going to send them off to as RAOK's. I know that people have been sending them out like crazy to others but I just have too many to count. I know that I won't use them all.

There are no photo's today. I forgot to take all the stuff my SP got me to my sister's house last night. When I asked to use her camera she got kinda huffy about it. I told her nevermind.

I got a flat tire yesterday. Not one of those "Wow, that thing is really low", but a super "looks like it could be in a cartoon flat tire". It was at my sister's house so it wasn't a problem. But becuase of timing I have to drive around on a donut for a couple of days. Speaking of which. I am so in the mood for Krispy Creme right now. I think that I will shuffle on over to them before I head off to work.

I have set Clapotis aside for awhile. I have to make sure I get my sister's socks done by her birthday. It is in March but I want to be sure all the same. I also am dying to get my tweed socks done. Last night I was working on the Tweed one and was feeling how soft it was. I read the back of the label . 85& wool, 10 & silk and 5% cashmere. I was knitting luxury socks and didn't even realize it. I had justified the price of the yarn becuase I really like the colors of it. So, that was a nice bonus.

Well off to work with a stop at Krispy Creme First... :) Happy Knitting.

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Letoya said...

Hi Becky,
Socks! YAY!
Just the person I need to talk to. Al says that you have a beginners knitting pattern for socks. She used it to make her first pair of socks and she recommends that I try it. Can I please borrow it?
Anyway, I know how sisters can be. If you have a scanner, use it to take pictures. You put the item on the scanner bed and push the scan button. I've never tried it but I've seen some of the pictures. They look pretty good.