Tuesday, February 8

:( and :)

I feel like the drama masks right now... The happy and the sad..

First I got a package from my secret pal yesterday... so freakin' cool. It was filled with lots of Valentine's goodness. Thank you secret pal. The chocolate is all eaten up! Yummy! I love the little pen. Amy says that is so me as I have 6 lipsticks in my purse right now! I will try to get a picture of all my goodies today!

I also get to watch Matthew today. Which totally rocks. He is such a good baby. I love it.

Now for the sad news. My favorite pair of jeans bit the dust yesterday. They were this super soft denim and after wearing and washing and wearing over and over and over, they finally decided to leave me. I was constantly sewing them up. This time it is irrepairable. I am going to cut them into little strips and make a bag out of them. I don't know how well this will go but I am going to try. If not, I tried my best. They were going to be tossed anyways.

Off to watch Matt.

Happy Knitting.

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Anonymous said...

You are quite welcome!

And I am sorry to hear about your jeans. I have two pair that are on the verge and I can't find jeans I like as much.

Secret Pal