Monday, February 7

Damn you Clapotis... and necklaces

How is it that I can measure out enough length and then some to go around my neck for the necklace that I was making and still have it be too small? Now, this didn't happen once, twice, three times but count em FOUR YEP FOUR TIMES! I am really starting to piss myself off. I have to go find more crimp beads today. This fun little project is turning into a pain in my ass.

So, what is going on with Clapotis... I made a big fat mistake and I was 4 rows short of dropping my first stitch. The row was just finished and I started looking at it. It didn't look right. Sure enough there is a mistake and it is like 40 rows back... Oh well, good thing I have today off from work.

Other news. Nothing much. I am going to the Fiber Factory tomorrow morning to get something for my secret pal. I really want one for myself so I am going to see if I can find a cheap one there. I think my SP reads my blog so I will not say anymore about it. I also want to pick up some more or at least some roving scraps. I figured that since I am doing the wire and bead working I might as well take a stab making myself some stitch markers, too.

I didn't get my book yesterday. I flipped through it and decided it really wasnt worth it for the two projects I wanted to knit.

The Five hour baby sweater is coming along nicely. I am at row 17 or 18 I forget which one. I am using the Mexicana yarn that I was going to make a scarf out of and then decided against it. It isn't the softest yarn but it looks pretty and the baby will be wearing a shirt underneath it anyways.

Happy Knitting

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