Sunday, May 28

I had Martha's bridal shower today. It seemed to go pretty good. The only thing that really was bad about it was that half of the bridal party didn't show up to it. One of the girls had to work. That is understandable. But the other one... I don't know. I doubt I will ever know about that one.

I have hit a full knitting slump. It seems that I do this around this time of year. I wonder why that is. Hmmmm. I have been getting a great plethora of yarn though... Which I still have to go through and clean out some things. I think that in a couple of weekends I will have my neice over to go through it all with me.

I didn't go and get the Koigu. I wanted to but since I really didn't have the time to get over there I just said forget about it.

Ahh well... that is life ... I am going to try and get a few pics of the shower up tomorrow.
I hope that life is going good for anyone who reads this...

Happy Knitting

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Polly said...

Congrats on the new job! I cant wait to read about it.

I hit knitting slumps too. I feel like knitting but I dont feel like starting anything. I dont know if that makes sense.