Monday, May 22

Finishing up the last few hours of my house sitting. Actually, the housesitting is over, I am just waiting til Amy gets off work to head back home. She and I only took 1 car out over the weekend and she had to work today.

I have a dilemma. I had a horrible experience at a certain yarn store and had told myself that I wouldn't go back there, but then they have Koigu on sale for 25 percent off. I feel that if I go I would be letting my morals down, but then again where do you find Koigu for 25% off? Oh, what to do what to do.

I have to finish getting all the junk together for Martha's bridal shower. I hope that it goes off well. We will see though.

Tomorrow Amy and I are doing a little bit of housecleaning and some dumping of material goods. We had been talking the last couple of days about getting rid of material posessions but we both know that we couldn't do that with everything. So, we both decided that we will rid ourselves of a few things at a time. Tomorrow, I am getting rid of some home decor that is just sitting in boxes, yarn (actually I am going to crochet it up and donate the squares to charity), and a lot of the clothes in my closet. Amy said that she is going to get rid of computer stuff, like games and cd's that she doesn't need anymore, clothes and books.

I think that is a good start for us. It seems lately that we have both been wanting to find a bigger meaning in our lives. Amy says that it isn't religion, cause she has had that and it didn't give her any answers. I personally think that we need to find our spiritual selves. But more on that later.

happy knitting.


FaerieLady said...

This is my personal experience only, but I wouldn't go back just because they have Koigu on sale. I have one yarn shop in this area that I will never go back to, and it hasn't mattered how good the sales have been. I'd much rather rest easier with myself at night and know that I stuck to my ethics.

Polly said...

Now you see I'm the opposite, I will put up with a lot if I can get a deal. But I would only buy something on sale at a shop that I otherwise wouldnt like. But dont pay full price there! (and it also 25% is also the min discount-- I wouldnt go back for 10%...)/nic