Tuesday, May 16

I have a job interview on Thursday. I am not too sure how well it will go for me. It is for a medical supply place. I am not crazy about the job, but I will stick to it. I mean Amy and I can always use the extra cash so it is better that way.

I am heading off to my sister's house today. I am helping her and my niece get a school project done. She is like all the rest of us Dewey girls. Procrastinators. She decided that she wanted to do a quilt for her extra credit project.. Although I don't know why they named it extra credit when the whole class was required to turn something in.. but anyways, she decided she wanted to work on a quilt and it has to be on the planet mars. I helped yesterday with getting it to look pretty good. We found some tye-dye fabric that looksquite Mars-esque. We just have to finish sewing it up tonight, and sew on the stars.

More to type later.

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Polly said...

I'll send positive job gettiing thoughts your way. /SP8 Nic