Thursday, June 1


I am recovering from a lovely little sunburn from Tueday. Sheyenne (my niece) was over and we went out to the pool. I haven't had real sun exposure in about 5 years so I was a little tender when we went back in. Not that I was horribly pastey but I after learning that skin cancer runs really bad in our family I decided it was better to not be in the sun all the time.

I have decided on my next knitting project. I am going to work on a lace shawl. It is from the knitting calender 2006. The South Slocan shawl. The pattern calls for dk weight but I think that i'm going to knit in lace weight. I have the yarn, and it needs to be knit up.

I really have to go through my yarn this weekend. I have so dang much of it. It just keeps piling up. MOre and more and more and more and more. Amy asked me if I had bought any more yarn since we have moved back in together and I could lie. I just said well... a few skeins. But here is the list of yarn that has entered the house since I have...

10 skeins of blue skye alpaca chunky (20.00 total)
5 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca DK weight (20.00 total)
2 skeins of misc red multi wool (3.00 total)
6 skeins of Eros all multi color (I GOT THESE FOR A DOLLAR EACH!!!!)
12 skeins of Brown Sheep sport weight wool ( I GOT THESE FOR A DOLLAR EACH!!!!)
2 skeins cascade fixation ( I splurged on these)
1 skein of hand dyed cotton lace weight ( a splurge as well)
1 skein of lace weight green yarn ( on sale but forgot the price)
10 skeins of knit one crochet too 18 karat ( 20.00 total)
5 skeins of Ironstone Fun wool in (20.00 total for that one)
2 skeins of Ironstore Super Rayon Chenille (10.00 total)
2 skeins of Berroco Foliage ( 3.00 total)
6 skeins of some tape like stuff that i got a for a buck each

and 4 skeins to send over to my secret pal.

Okay So I have a serious yarn buying problem. I have made a vow that i am not going to get anymore yarn...(unless it is a smokin deal!!!) until I have at least these skeins listed above knit up. Man I gotta get working!!!!!!!!!
This won't do much for my previous stash but it will cut it down a bit... I have overflowed on my yarn stash once again... GRRR> How does this always happen to me? I do knit. But maybe I am buying more than I am knitting. I realized the other day that i have a yarn buying problem when a friend went to open up the little cubby between my two front seats and said... there is yarn in here... I without blinking said... "
"yea cause Amy would freak if she saw that I got more yarn!" Mind you there are 10 skeins in the trunk of the car being hidden as well in a dark bag.

I remeber when I was working at Macy's and I would get women in who would pay for their items in cash or partly on cards so that there SO's didn't find out. Or ask for them in multiple bags so they didn't have to bring in stuff all at once.

I HAVE BECOME THE WOMEN THAT I PITIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this weekend I can get this all under control and live a happy yarn life.

I think that I am going to be working up a lot of scarves over the next few weeks... and purses too!

Happy knitting my friend...

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Your Secret Pal said...

hehehe. your skein will me ;)