Sunday, May 21

My job interview went rather well. I haven't heard anything back from them yet. I hope that I get a position. I really need it. Hopefully they will call me on Monday or Tuesday. We will see, though.

I am house-sitting for my middle sister this weekend. I am in charge of watching two greyhounds, a great dane puppy that is 8 months old, 3 cats, a cow and two alpacas. I brought my little Maggie along with me to enjoy the time. It is so funny how a little 4 pound chihuahua with no teeth can whoop a great dane that weighs about 90 lbs into submission. Ellie knows that Maggie is the boss. No doubt about it.

I am working on a bag from the one skein book. I wanted something that I could get done over the weekend and it looks as though I will have it done...

I will post more later.

Happy Knitting

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