Sunday, June 25

bachelorette bust...

Last night we had my pals bachelorette party. What was to be a fun night out for the girls ended up being a regular night at a game place. A few of us had tried to convince her to go to other places but she really wanted to go to Jillian's. (A game place with a restaurant and bowling alley and club.)

Five of us started the night at the restuarant and when I sat down to the table that the waitress had moved up, there was a used bandaid on the table. AAAAAAAHHHH!!! DISTGUSTING I KNOW!!!!!! We got our drinks for free and I got my dessert for free ( I was going to be one of the DD's)

We went up to the game place upstairs and about 20 minutes into playing skeeball and other games like that one of the girls had to go home cause her boyfriend locked his keys in their car. She didn't drive so one of the other girls took her home and five were down to three. Well, about an hour after that the Bride says that she is bored and wants to go home. Still sick with a horrible cold, I thought it was a good call!

I saw my grandma today. She is getting kind of senile, it is kind of depressing. My nephews just had their birthdays and she gave all of us birthday cards, because she couldn't remember when anyones birthday was. She forgot who we were a couple of times and didn't remember who Matt was half the time. My grandpa is going deaf and between the two of them it was a tiring morning.

I came home and took a nap. I don't know when I am going to get rid of this cold. It has been raging on strong. I just want to feel good again. : (

I was working on some arm warmers but I am not too crazy about them. I am thinking about ripping them out. I have one about 1/2 way done but I think that I found something better than armwarmers to knit.... HMMMMMM...

Here I was trying not to have a blah and sad post and yet, here it was.. I promise the next time I write it will be a little more upbeat!

Happy Knitting.

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Polly said...

Well at least the bride didnt do anything she'd end up regretting? There's a positive right?