Friday, June 23

knitting and other stuff.

I got hit with the update your blog email. Sorry about that... secret pal especially...

I have been down with a horrid cold/sinus infection. And of course I can't do anything about it but sit here and suffer. No insurance means no meds... My Dr. charges about 120.00 bucks a visit.

I think that this cold thing is Karma. Just about two weeks ago Amy and I were having a lovely little discussion on federally paid health insurance. She said that yeah we would have to pay a little more in taxes but we would be able to be seen when we needed with out the fear of a visit costing us an arm and a leg. In my then healthy mind, body and voice, I said, " Well, I see where you are coming from, but what about healthy people like me, I shouldn't have to pay out my butt for other people's sicknesses"!


The FIBER FACTORY is having it's first ever inventory sale and don't you know who is going to be there on the first night... THIS GIRL! I only wish that I could take off early from work to go... ahhh that would be heaven... So, withe me saying this... we all know who is going to be breaking their no yarn buying policy. (Amy, I know that you read this some times, so please forgive me for what i am going to do on Tuesday... I know that you understand!)

Well, I have to head to work this morning... I am just working on soem socks and some arm warmers for my super duper mega cold office... Will post more about that later..

Sorry about such a crappy post last week. I didn't mean to sound so blech... Happy Day and happy knitting!

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SP8 secret pal said...

hi there. did you get the package I sent to you?