Monday, June 5

box office...

Well, I had my first day at Western Medical.
It went fairly smoothly, the person that was to train me was out sick today so, I got taught some basic stuff and worked on this and that. I got a good half hour of knitting time in today at lunch. I forgot what it is like to get a real lunch. A girl could get used to this kind of thing.

Okay, so I did something that I said I wasn't gonna do. I bought some yarn. It just kind of happened. But seriously, that is the last skein I am buying for a while. I mean it. I can't help it if I get stuff given to me though. That is far beyond my control.

Amy put me up to a challenge. She told me that if I work up 75% of my stash I can get this as a fabulous prize....

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So, I have to do a count up of what I have over the next couple of days. She is getting tired of computer room being covered in yarn. I can't really blame her, it is getting to be a lovely little wreck.

The only disclaimer that she put on this challenge was that it had to all finished. No little half projects here and there... they had to be done. So, here is my game plan.

A) yarn that I know that I won't use and I am holding on to for whatever reason I don't know is going to be sent to nursing homes or the goodwill.

b) yarn that I am willing to part with for cash will be done as such

c) yarn that I will give to my sister or friends will be sent out

d) all the rest I will take inventory of that and work on getting that knit up.

See my little slyness here. I am getting rid a lot of it with little or no effort on my part... [insert evil laugh here] MWWAAAAHHHHH

well off to do the dishes. I can't see my countertop!

Happy KNitting

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